Guns Don’t Kill, People Do

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”                    2nd Amendment, established 1789

Guns can are terrifying.  However, they have won freedoms for civilizations and fed families for centuries.  It’s hard to imagine battles and hunting without them.  Any other weapon would be easily more cumbersome and not as precise, particularly at long distances.

In movies, guns are also portrayed a little differently than in real life.  Once you handle a real gun, you realize that they are heavier, sound different and produce an unexpected “kick” or recoil which is the sudden rearward push made against you when the gun is fired.

I found this out when I was doing a Cosplay (dressing up as a movie, game, book or anime character) of Bonnie MacFarlane from a video game called “Red Dead Redemption.” (I did this because someone had said that I look like her. lol)

Pictured above is Bonnie MacFarlane of Red Dead Redemption (left) and my rendition (three to the right).  

Not only do guns sound and feel different from the movies but certain components do not work with all guns.  Contrary to what former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton thinks.  She tweeted this out immediately after learning of the recent shooting in Las Vegas that left 59 dead and another 527 injured:

Unfortunately for her uninformed opinion, however, a silencer would not work with the type of weapon the shooter had used.  In fact, as shown below, the silencer will actually melt off while attempting on the same type of weapon.

As many have said, she sounded like one who’s watched one too many Hollywood movies.  You would think as a prominent figure, such as herself, would have at least consulted someone or did a little research.  Needless to say, she received a lot of backlash for that tweet.

Her tweet seemed to serve another purpose which was to start a dialogue about further gun control laws which may lead up to the banishment of guns altogether and the dissolution of the part, if not all, of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States which states as follows:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”                   Est. 1789

Another suspicious part of her tweet was how quickly after the shooting it was posted; almost like she couldn’t wait to say it or she knew it was going to happen because it was planned.  Leaving many to suspect that she may have tipped her hand at the overall objective to disarm America, making us more vulnerable to tyranny or invasion.  There is further suspicion that this event was planned and orchestrated, that the shooter had help and many misreported facts have already been uncovered.

This left many to suspect that she may have tipped her hand at the overall objective to disarm America, making us more vulnerable to tyranny or invasion.  There is further suspicion that this event was planned and orchestrated, that the shooter had help and many misreported facts have already been uncovered.

Not only that but all of the electronic devices of those present have been wiped of all data concerning the events which further adds to the impression of a cover-up to the truth.

As would be expected, the event did stir up talk of gun control.  This was alarming to some folks as there are many controls already in place which leaves me wondering, where else can this go?  Full ban?  The Las Vegas shooter had complied with each and every requirement of the gun laws currently in place, which are already quite stringent I might add.

gun cases

A complete ban on carrying guns tends to be not as effective as you would think.  One only needs to look at the results of decades of gun bans and strict firearm laws in the UK and Australia to see the effectiveness.Because of the ban on guns, the “Black Market” of guns has been more prolific and, in fact, there has been a steady increase in England and Wales while the homicide rate in Australia has only dropped by 20%.

Because of the ban on guns, the “Black Market” has been more prolific than ever.  Additionally, there has been a steady increase in England and Wales while the homicide rate in Australia has only dropped by 20%.

The bottom line is that the laws and bans are only making it harder for law-abiding citizens to acquire the firearms that may protect them but the criminals will still find a way to get weapons regardless.  Guns are being brought into the UK from Middle Eastern countries while it’s equally easy to purchase guns in Mexico and bring them back over the border into the US.  This factor alone should strengthen arguments in favor of better border control and why we need to build the wall between the US and Mexico.

Guns are being brought into the UK from the various Middle Eastern countries along with the waves of migrants or asylum seekers.  It’s easy to purchase guns in Mexico and bring them back over the border into the US.  These two factors alone should strengthen arguments in favor of better border control and why we need to build the wall between the US and Mexico.

Fewer guns don’t necessarily translate to fewer homicides and violence.  Criminals will find many creative other ways to kill other people.  In fact, in the UK, there has been an increase of people being run over by trucks, chopped by machetes, blown up by explosives and stabbed in knife attacks.

One might make the comparison that other methods of killing do not kill as many as guns do.  While it’s true that in the recent Las Vegas shooting where 59 had been killed,  it is still not as many as in France where, over the summer, a truck was used to kill 84 people.  Even so, there have been no proposals limiting truck use nor is it even practical to outlaw trucks or other vehicles simply because they can be used in a deadly manner.  Yet this is the suggestion people have regarding guns.

There are always other means people will find to kill others.  Poisoning or using vehicles are other examples.  However, no one is recommending that we outlaw cars or regulate the use of poisons even more.

Guns may be thought of as less practical to modern life than trucks, cars or poisons, but, they do have their place in Americana.  People once used them daily as a means of putting meat on the table to feed their families and for protection from bandits or other criminals.

Part of the reason for the 2nd Amendment was also a protection from the establishment of a tyrannical government.  You must remember that the forefathers who wrote the Constitution, had a clear memory of being at the mercy of a King’s rule prior to the war of independence and they wanted to prevent future generations of having this experience.

Today, guns are usually thought of as a hobby to either collect them, practice target shooting or sports hunting.

Guns are part of history and it’s highly unlikely that someone out there won’t have one legally or illegally.  Even with the strictest of gun laws criminals still, find a way to get ahold of them; meanwhile, good honest citizens pay the price.  Let’s think about that before we allow further regulation against qualified gun-owners.

ღ Leah               


final thoughts… 

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Let Kids Be Kids

“Our greatest natural resource is in the minds of our children.”
–Walter Elias Disney

“I believe the children are our are future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier…”

—Whitney Houston, The Greatest Love of All

Childhood is a time of innocence and imagination.  The best time of your life.  No worries. Just about being carefree and using your imagination.  The way it’s supposed to be.  This is the time when your mind is developing connections to the real world and lasting impressions are made; ones that will last a lifetime.

hillaryThere was a time when we were reminded that “children are our future” and how they were the most important elements of our society.  Even Hillary Clinton wrote a book about it that was published in 1996 called “It Takes a Village” (referring to how it takes a village to raise a child.)

In other words, our society must look after these children and help them reach their full potential.  Children are the leaders of tomorrow.

Since then, she’s written other books.  Just like the title of Hillary’s latest book,  I need to ask, “what happened?”  Why are we seeing an increase in children being used by adults and taught about subjects their developing minds are not yet ready for?

Being made to participate in protests they are not old enough to understand or represent their parent’s unfulfilled dreams.  This has resulted in many kids not being allowed to enjoy their childhood or to develop their own understanding of the world naturally and gradually.

The mature concepts that kids are exposed to are more far-reaching than we realize.  This can be in the form of the internet, movies, song lyrics but also from the very adults that they trust the most.  In the long-run it can be damaging to a child to be used by those that they trust the most for the purpose of virtue signaling a political cause, to make money, or be the embodiment of that adult’s own unfulfilled dreams.

I’ve even seen celebrity parents using their own kids as a form of political virtue signaling.  This further creates the impression that this is a normal thing to do.  However, these children are too young to understand what they are participating in or they are being given certain biases before they are old enough to learn critical thinking skills and decide for themselves.

Last week, there was a modern art exhibit in Brazil where a man lay naked on the floor while young girls were asked to touch him.  He was later arrested but this sort of thing should not have even occurred in the first place.  The museum should not have allowed such an exhibit.  What chills me about the image of it below, shared by millions on Twitter, is all of the bystanders who stood there and did nothing while this was happening.  Some are even filming it or taking pictures as if it is just another spectacle.

Brazilian Art exhibit Tue Sep 26 2017

Both in the images and the video of this incident, I saw no attempts made to remove the child, nor any obvious concerns about her seeing and touching a naked man at such a young age.

Over the weekend, there was a pro-choice march in Ireland.  One of the images was a  child, so small that she could not even hold the sign up by herself.  The sign read, “My body, my choice.”

How in the world would she even understand what this means?  This isn’t something a small child her age would say or think.  Her presence there was literally pointless and irresponsibly overtook of her normal activities such as playtime or napping.

Ireland Pro Choice rally

Not only are we teaching kids about adult things too early, we are also teaching them to hate others and not show respect.  Teaching biases before they are old enough to think for themselves in an informed and critical manner.  It’s almost as if we are teaching them what to think, in an attempt to mold them into our own image, and not how to think (for themselves).


Not only is the information inappropriate many times, but the participation itself in protests and rallies is very stressful.  Hours in the weather conditions like chilly days, rain, or in the hot sun, lots of commotion everywhere with people angrily yelling, chanting or hurling obscenities at each other and constantly being forced to hold up a sign when all they want to do is go play.

Some protest rallies are more peaceful than others but other rallies can turn violent.  Then there are ones where the adults get even more extreme.  Like in this unsettling image below.  Someone, please tell me these kids are wearing shorts, at least.  I didn’t want to go there, but look at how it was being presented!


rating systemNow I do realize that not everyone is treating kids this way or would even approve.  When I was growing up, I was insulated from anything deemed to be inappropriate for my age group.

Never was I taught about the biology of procreation, sexual orientations, horrors of animal abuse, or taught to hate our President.  I was even kept from hearing profanity.

Everything was wholesome and clean. As a society, we have implemented protections for our youth by devising rating systems and parental controls on movies, TV shows, publications, websites, and music.  We also put age restrictions on certain substances, activities and even amusement rides.

There’s a good reason for these protections.  For example, when it comes to premature exposure to our sexual processes, according to Carolyn C. Ross M.D., M.P.H, “Early exposure to sexual content in the media may have a profound impact on children’s values, attitudes and behaviors toward sex and relationships.”

Other ways in which kids are being kept from experiencing a normal childhood is through competitions such as beauty pageants or other talent-based forums that may lead to a career.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I think kids developing a talent or skill and then competing to win is a good thing.  It teaches dedication, persistence, discipline and so forth.

grueling rehearsalWhat I am concerned about is when it goes so far that it takes over the child’s life.  I’m talking about kids who spend all of their waking hours working.  Doing activities to accomplish their performance goals such as practicing, rehearsing, sitting in a chair for long hours while they have aesthetic procedures done or traveling to various venues for competitive or promotional purposes.

Michael Jackson is the first famous person that comes to mind for me.  Later in life, many thought he was a very eccentric and bizarre individual.  However look at what his childhood was like.

Capture“I remember going to the recording studio and there was a park across the street and I’d see all the children playing and I would cry because it would make me sad that I would have to work instead.”

“God bless my father because he did some wonderful things and he was brilliant, he was a genius, but one day he said, “If you guys ever stop singing I will drop you like a hot potato.” It hurt me. You would think he would think, “These kids have a heart and feelings.” Wouldn’t he think that would hurt us?…….. You don’t say something like that to children and I never forgot it.”    –Michael Jackson

Did this have a profound effect on Michael’s early childhood development?  Well, the proof comes later in his life when he becomes an adult.  Many say he was eccentric or bizarre.  Lot’s of plastic surgeries to appease his own distorted self-image and many purchases made to recreate a childhood that was stolen from him.Michael

He felt very isolated and had not developed the skills to make social connections as most people do.  Here, he’s describing how he coped:

 “I suffered a lot in that way. I knew that something was wrong with me at that time. But I needed someone … That’s probably why I had the mannequins. I would say because I felt I needed people, someone, I didn’t have … I was too shy to be around real people. I didn’t talk to them. It wasn’t like old ladies talking to plants. But I always thought I wanted something to make me feel like I had company. I always thought, “Why do I have these?” They are like real babies, kids, and people, and it makes me feel like I am in a room with people.”                                                                                                                                     –Michael Jackson

There were many statues around his Neverland mansion property and when he passed away, they found the mannequins and superheroes he had kept for his prosthetic “company”.  He was also known for having lots of real children around, maybe since they were the most open-minded or non-judgemental.  Yes, he was accused of having them around for more nefarious reasons, but we won’t go into that now.

A person’s mental development can be adversely affected by simply injecting the wrong experiences into a child’s life or keeping that child from experiences they need in order to develop various attributes necessary in life.  Michael was certainly a good example of that.

Another activity that not only robs kids of their childhood, but distorts their self-image in the process, are beauty pageants.  It may seem like fun at first to a little girl, being treated like a princess and made to look prettier, but sitting for hours in a chair to have your hair, makeup, and spray tan applied becomes grueling.  All this to parade around in skimpy outfits for hours to scrutinizing eyes cannot be very pleasant.

I mean, look at the kids in beauty pageants.  Nevermind the phony smiles and look deep into their little eyes.  Do the kids look like they are having fun?  Or do they really just have the blank expressions of their submission to this form of slavery?Still, another point I’d like to make, what about the possibility of pedophiles in these audiences as the young girls (and sometimes boys) are being objectified.

Still, another point I’d like to make is what about the possibility of pedophiles lurking in these audiences as the young girls (and sometimes boys) are being put on display and objectified?


Pageants kind of remind me of cross-dressing. Both are creating a false image of perfection and flamboyancy.   Here is yet another example of normalizing something that was once considered taboo as acceptable, and even normal.


Below is drag-queen who calls herself “Lil’ Miss Hot Mess” that visits kindergarten classrooms to teach kids about the transvestite world. She attempts to teach kids acceptance of transvestites while another child, also below, has become inspired to actually be a drag queen.

“Can everyone say, ‘When I grow up, I want to be a drag queen’?” —Drag Queen Lil Miss Hot Mess.

I don’t know about you, but none of this seems particularly healthy to me.  Hard to imagine that any parent would want this as a lifelong lifestyle choice for their child.  “A new study released by National Center for Transgender Equality shows that 30 percent of transgender people have experienced homelessness and 40 percent have attempted suicide.” By Amanda Prestigiacomo of the DailyWire

Some transgendered persons have become parents themselves.  This comment from a drag queen parent about her toddler child still disturbs me, “He is pretty butch—we call him Fratticus,” she says. “I’m always pushing a tutu on him, but he’s, like, ‘No.’ ” —Also from the same article written by Amanda Prestigiacomo of the DailyWire.

Speaking of the press, the mainstream media has started glorifying children who wish to emulate the drag queens by featuring them or putting them on the covers.  Expanding the reach of it’s exposure and creating a false impression of normalcy.

media suppofrt

It’s pretty shocking if you ask me.  To me this looks like a boy sitting in a psychiatrists office more than a normal part of life.

Most of these poor lifestyle choices and misguided appropriation of children are really from those on the “left” or the post-modern liberals, seen so prevalently today.  Luckily, most people don’t yet accept this as a normal lifestyle behavior for kids and there are many  laws in place, such as child-labor laws.

However, as with the image of adults standing around doing nothing while a young girl touches a naked man lying on the ground, people are slow to react.  My hope is that more people will speak up and step in to protect our children and enable them to grow up in a safe, sane, healthy environment.

 I say, let kids be kids and fight for their future.


takes a village

“Our greatest natural resource is in the minds of our children.”
–Walter Elias Disney


ღ Leah ღ 


My Road to Politics

“Classical liberalism is a political ideology that values the freedom of individuals — including the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and markets — as well as limited government….”

This time last year, I didn’t know anything about Politics.  I didn’t even know what was going on in the world due to my aversion to any type of news media.  I avoided the news like the plague because there was something about the presentation, the robotic rhythm of the Presenter’s voices, that I did not like.

My mother, on the other hand, was a bona fide “news jnewscasterunkie.”  She had her TV on a news channel 24/7. The only time she had anything else on it was for an hour a day when her soap opera was on.  So I always knew that if anything important happened, she would tell me; so I pretty much had no reason to concern myself with it.

I also avoided politics because I felt that the politicians were the most insincere and deceitful people. They would say whatever the popular opinion was to get the votes but didn’t do anything for their constituents.  So, I felt it was pointless to concern myself with politics and even more pointless to vote.

As much as I avoided politics, I couldn’t ignore how bad the economy started getting toward the end of George W. Bush’s term and it got even worse under Barack Obama.  Job loss was happening everywhere and many people also lostobama their homes, their way of life and hope.   I also noticed that Obama did nothing to improve the job situation throughout his two terms and things that mattered to less of the population, like gay marriage, was given greater attention.

When the Primary elections came around, I held a temporary job registering voters in the county elections office.  During this time, I started to become inspired to be personally involved in the voting process.  I still didn’t feel like my one vote made a difference, but wanted the experience of voting anyway.

I decided I would vote for either a Republican or a Democrat because it’s usually someone from one of these two parties that ends up being the President.  I set out to research the platforms of the candidates, those of whom I had actually heard of, under these two parties. I had limited myself to these particular candidates because I knew voters typically vote for the known candidate rather than the unknown and I wanted my choice to win.

My main concern was job opportunities and to maintain at least a middle-class life; not slip down into poverty, losing everything that I had worked so hard for up to that point.

Bernie HIllary Trump

To me, it seemed it was likely going to end up being either Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders that would win the Presidential election.

Where I live, I remember seeing a lot of signs and bumper stickers for Bernie, a few for Bernie for Pres.bumper stickerTrump but none for Hillary, unless they ended with “for prison.” lol

I always had a bad feeling about Hillary and felt many others did too.  My mother couldn’t stand her and dreaded what the world would be like if she became our next President.

There is a certain vibe you get from people and something about her just didn’t sit right with me.

Trump, I was unsure of.  I remember seeing him on reality TV shows and hearing him do that iconic, “you’re fired!”  Other than that, I felt he was just bold, even brash,  savvy businessman, smart and arrogant.

I didn’t follow the news or watch any of the speeches but I did watch a few videos on Youtube to get a feel for Bernie since I wasn’t on the fence about him. He at least talked about jobs, the “shrinking middle class” and he was running against the sketchy Hillary.  So, I made a decision that I would register as a Democrat and vote for Bernie.  Please keep in mind, that at the time I knew virtually nothing about Politics and was basing my vote on feelings and experiences.

Somehow, Hillary won the Primary election despite there being a lack of public support for her from what I had seen.  I knew at that point, I would need to choose between her and Trump in the General election since he had won the Primaries for the Republican spot.  On November 8, 2016, I went to the local polling place located in a church and cast my vote for Donald Trump.  To my delight, I later found out he won.

Burning RiotsOnce he became elected, however, riots had ensued for more than a week. There were daily reports of damage and looting, cars being set on fire and windows being smashed in.  People getting hurt.  I couldn’t understand any of it.  Had never seen it before.  Usually, it’s quiet after elections until inauguration day.

What were people protesting?  What is the big deal?  The part that bugged me the most  – was the young age of many of the protesters. protesters They all seemed to be around 18 – 24 years of age.  Too young to really know what it was like to live through 8 years of Obama, national economic collapse, bankruptcy, job layoffs, or home foreclosures.  They never had to work for what they have yet. Basically lived on someone else’s income so they didn’t have a clue what it was like to face losing everything they worked hard for.

notHow could they possibly feel that their place in life gives them a bigger say over the hard-working people who had voted for our new President??

Not my President

I did what I normally do when I look for answers, I turned to YouTube to see if anyone had made a video about it to explain the madness for me.  YouTube had recommended a Paul Joseph Watson’s video which was about the riots.


Video:   https://youtu.be/1d9lm-T87AQ

It was a brilliantly made video and it turns out he has many other brilliantly made videos as well.  I became so intrigued, I started watching more of his videos.  videosSuddenly, my recommendations page was filled up with all kinds of political videos from different people and I watched some of theirs as well.

A whole new world opened and I had a lot of new words to look up.  “Cuck,” “SJW,” and “Snowflake” to name a few.  I also started to understand what had confused me about people for a long time.  Why there were those who cared about jobs and paying their bills to have a comfortable life and those only wanted personal lifestyle choices above all else; even if it meant everyone would live in poverty.

It also explained why the media didn’t seem to care about the unemployment problem (even falsely reported lower numbers) and set a priority to publicize gays being able to get married instead.

The reason?   Different ways of thinking and ideologies.  It was conservative thinking vs liberal thinking.  The priorities of each side seemed to be the exact opposite to me.

It was at this point I discovered that my way of thinking would be considered side signconservative.

Conservative?  This distinction still seems weird to me and I feel funny when people call me that.  When I was growing up, the conservative people were staunch and regimented in their daily lives. Woke up early, got to bed early, paid bills on time, and watched the TV News.  On the other hand, liberals were free-spirited and tolerant.  They believed in the “live and let live motto” and were non-conformists.  They stayed up late and slept in.  They did what they liked but did not let it affect anyone else. They also believed in having very little government involvement in their lives.  Freedom for all.  The latter is how I still identify my stance.

The stark contrast of what’s considered liberal nowadays and what it used to be (or at least how I thought it was) is still stunning to me.  With everything being so redefined, my way of thinking and values could only be classified as conservative (as weird as it feels.)Left vs Right

It’s like someone re-wrote the dictionary, changed the definitions and somehow got the whole world to see it under the new way.  Another word that has been redefined is “feminist.”  The feminists I used to know passionately cared about gender equality and theliberals advancement of women.  They would have never been able to accept mistreatment of women from misogyny and sex crimes that get ignored because the perpetrators are Muslims.  I don’t see any of these traits from today’s feminists.  All I see is aggression, hate and virtue signaling.

truth vs liesLet’s not forgot about “safe spaces.”  Another new term. Because many modern-day liberals do not have the ability to have a supported argument, or can’t stand the truth since it doesn’t fit in with their view of the world, many will find a place they can retreat to; even to the point of censorship and taking away other’s rights of free speech and expression.

The more I learned and communicated on social media, the more I became curious to what political party I would likely fit into.  I knew I would be considered a “conservative” but what party should I call myself?  If I was really on the right, then how far right?  Should I be something other than Democrat?  Republican maybe? What the heck is Libertarian?  What about American Independent?   This was me then.

The more I learned, the more I became convinced that I was not a Democrat.  In fact, when I looked up Republican, the values on that side fit more with my own.  At the same time, the actions that President Trump was taking had made me more and more proud thatboth pres he was our President.  I voted for the best person for the job.  He sort of reminds me of my one other favourite President from my childhood – Ronald Reagan.

As these two men are both Republicans, and what I learned about the party had been in alignment with a lot of my own values, I re-registered and changed my party to Republican.

Still a little doubtful, I also took many political quizzes at this point and shared my results on Twitter along with a few other people.  One quiz said I was “center-right,” another said “centrist” and still another was a graph that put the little dot to the left of center.Political Compass

When I shared this, someone on Twitter had told me that I was a “Classical Liberal” but was also very quick to add “not to be confused with an SJW or feminist.” lol

Okay, so that makes a little more sense, however, with what liberal means nowadays, I hadn’t felt comfortable using that term when referring to myself until I saw my favourite Paul Watson had described himself as that recently in response to all the articles written about him being “alt-right,” I’m suspecting.

Now there’s another new term.  Definition of a Classical Liberal is this:  “Classical liberalism is a political ideology that values the freedom of individuals — including the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and markets — as well as limited government….” – Chegg.com.   Yes!  That fits!!  This feels right.

I have also been researching what Libertarianism is all about as well, and feel this alsolet freedom ring fits me.  The ideals such as freedom and ownership of oneself, are ones that I identify with as well.

As of today, I have a greater sense of who I am and learned a lot about areas that I had stayed away from for far too long.  I’m even keeping up with current events through alternative media and have come to learn that mainstream media cannot be trusted

I love learning new things and this has been a fascinatingly, interesting ride so far.  🙂


Conservatism is the new Counter-Culture